Adult Entertainment vs. Private Entertainment

The word “Adult Entertainment” is no longer a taboo term in our contemporary society as almost everyone if not everyone who has access to the internet knows what it means. However, for clarity sake, let us briefly make the term clearer before diving into what to expect. So private entertainment and adult entertainment are terms that can be used interchangeably because the two mean the same thing. Private entertainment consists mainly of three categories; we have the strippers who work in clubs, we have prostitutes who work in brothels and some who work by the road side and lastly we have escorts. However, under escorts we have the regular escorts and we also have those who engage in Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Having gotten a clearer understanding of the term private entertainment, we can move further to explain what to expect when using private entertainment.

Private Entertainment Parties

Let us kick off from strippers who work at clubs. Private entertainment parties are fun and unpredictable. The atmosphere of the Private entertainment club depends on the club itself. This is to say that if you go to a good club, you will surely have a good time. Top model girls are the best part of these clubs. Hence, the better the club, the better the fun, and of course the higher the cost. You sure know that good things come with high prices.

Strip Club Etiquette

Usually, in these types of club, you will see girls dancing on the stage. These strippers who dance in the club expect a tip from those who attend the club. There are also usually girls walking around looking for people to buy lap dances. These girls only specialize in giving people lap dances and expect to be paid, nothing more, nothing less. Most of the time, girls aren’t fully nude on the main stage, however with this kind of club, there is provision for clients who have extra cash which is more than the normal club entry fee. This creates an opportunity for you to go to a V.I.P room, where you can get a full show if of course you have the means. When getting a dance from strippers, you should make sure you let the girl do her thing, without intimate touching in order to avoid unforeseen embarrassments. The only exception to this is unless the performer initiates it or asks you to do it. In that case it is her request you are acting on. Ensure you do not sit next to a stage where the strippers are performing if you do not have any intention of tipping the girl(s) rendering the performance. Strippers can sometimes reject people who they don’t’ like, therefore don’t be surprised or mad if a stripper rejects you. She only rejects you if she doesn’t like you. When you are in a situation like that just ignore her and wait for another stripper. You should respect pole artists’ privacy. This is another important thing you should know and look out for when using private entertainment this is because most strippers like to keep their life private and you will well by respecting that. Do not ask for their name, because even if they tell you, most of them, tell you their alter egos so as to ensure protection of their privacy. Also keep in mind that dancers are not going to date you! (unless she really likes you). Be sure to respect that and don’t ask for their number!

Some girls allow more contact than others. You should ask for an individual girl what her boundaries are so as to avoid inappropriate contact that can upset them.

Moving forward, we will briefly look at what to expect from the other two constituents of private entertainment.

Escorts vs. Prostitutes (Brief)

Unlike strippers, whose main job are dancing either semi-nude or fully nude at strip clubs and also give lap dances, we have prostitutes whose main job is providing sex in exchange for money. When hiring a prostitute, you have to keep in mind that you won’t get anything more than sexual pleasure from them as that is all they are for. Also know that when you decide to hire prostitutes, you stand the risk of being arrested for illegal practices as selling sex for money (what prostitutes do) is illegal. Prostitutes usually only deal with one night stands and nothing more. So when you want them next time, you go and pick them up from their joint and pay for their services.

                  Lastly we will talk about the last one which are escorts, these are professional girls who provide companionship to their clients. Unlike prostitutes and strippers who do not have intimate relationship with their clients, some escorts however (those who engage in Girlfriend experience – GFE) usually have a close and intimate relationship with their clients as the client’s request. These escorts are the most used and safest people to use in the private entertainment industry because you get benefits of companionship not just sexual pleasure and they are private in their dealings. Also, where you get to see strippers at clubs and prostitutes at brothels or at the roadside, when you desire to use an escort you have to book online. Thus, this makes them the best and most modest form of private entertainment to use.