Las Vegas is the entertainment hub of the world, yet so many guys are still wondering how to get a girl in Las Vegas. Getting a Las Vegas escort and ensuring that everything goes fine can be a bit tricky. Not all the girls in Las Vegas are the same, hence, there is no easy way to go about getting a girl in Las Vegas. However, I can give you a few pointers to follow.

In this article I will talk about the various ways you can get a girl in Las Vegas, and the things you need to do to ensure that your girl is comfortable with you.


Las Vegas escort agencies advertise themselves in many different forms; such as magazines, handbills, etc. You can even see an escort agency ad on trucks driving down the road. But the most popular spot to find an agency apart from the recommendation is the internet. The internet is flooded with escorts agencies so much so that getting a reputable agency has become a problem.

When you call an agency, they will usually give only the agency fee. Therefore, it is assumed that the girl does not see any of the fees paid. Therefore, if it is possible, you can get the priced reduced, this will ensure that you have enough to tip the escort after the game. Another pointer you may want to consider to ensure the agency knows what you want is to give them the name of the girl you want; someone you may have seen on any of the Advertising Media.

However, you must bear mind that the girls you see on the advertising media could be models, therefore, don’t always expect that particular girl to show up. However, whether or not you have paid the fee, if you do not like the girl that shows up eventually, you can contact the agency to change her, and your wish will be granted.

You must always remember that once you have paid the agency fee there is no refund. Therefore, you should make up your mind before you pay, because there is no going back, or you will go back without your money. Agencies are usually the best because they can give you a wide range of options to choose from. Also, they can provide excellent customer support to solve any problem that you encounter along the line. With agencies, you only need to stay in your hotel room or apartment and place your order, and a girl will be sent to you pretty quickly. Paying a paltry fee for your girl to come to you is better than going there yourself. Everything is done in the comfort of your room.

The Internet

Sometimes, the internet can be a bit fishy when you want to know the difference between a reputable escort agency and a non-reputable one. However, some things can help you tell the difference. When you call and a girl picks the phone and tells you she “takes the call for the girls there” that is a good sign. Most times it’s a sign that the person you just called may be an independent escort. And she could be the one to show up. But whether you choose to go through the internet to get a girl, the business just like every other business has its downsides. Therefore, you must always prepare for even the worst events to happen. The internet may be shabby but that should not discourage you from getting your girl through the internet.

The Old-Fashioned Way

If you want to know how to get a girl in Las Vegas, you may want to try out the old-fashioned way. In times past, Las Vegas was regarded as a city for the top guys and girls. But women have taken their fair share of the nightlife in Vegas. People from other cities even crave to come to Vegas for a secrete romantic vacation.  We already know that the girls are out there. But where do you meet them? First of all, you have to realize that just like every other city, the women in the happening places in Las Vegas are there to have fun. However, they may not always open up to your advances regardless of how hard you try. But don’t get discouraged.

In this old-fashioned method of getting a girl in Las Vegas, you must remember that it is simply a numbers game. The idea is to talk to as many girls as you can, and eventually, you will hit a gold mine. So walk into the clubs, bars, and lounges with that in mind and trust me you’ll do fine.

If your going to use the old-fashioned method to get a Las Vegas girl, it’s advisable that you stay away from the big hotels because this is where the “gold-diggers” gather. But you can walk into the bar of some of the lower hotels and grab a drink to find the more down to earth girls. Places like Slots ‘O Fun, O’Sheas Casino, Harrah’s Slots, etc. these destinations offer loaded drinks at cheap rates. A lot of girls go to places like these where they can get cheap booze. So loosen up and walk up to a girl and if she doesn’t open up despite your hard efforts then its time to move on. To be successful in this method of getting a Las Vegas girl, you may want to learn how to talk to girls if you don’t know already. But we’ll leave that for another series of articles.

Lone Street Escorts

The best and most professional escorts work for escort agencies. Now although prostitutes and lone street hookers are very easy to pick up, chances are that you could be picking up a risk. You could be drugged and robbed, and you stand a higher chance of getting an STD. Additionally, some of these local community commercial workers are drug addicts. They can often fail to get protected during the game, and this exposes them to various kinds of diseases. If you want to risk it, here is a word of advice, don’t get so drunk that you will forget to use a condom or forget to aware of your surroundings.

Though brothels are illegal in some counties especially those less than a population of 400,000, it thrives in some others. As said earlier, Las Vegas is the entertainment hub of the world, but there are still claims that brothels are not legal. But there will always be legal loopholes. Be sure of one thing, Las Vegas is never short of exciting moments. Las Vegas is situated where you can easily drive out of the county in about an hour. Take your chance of paying a local escort, also, you can go out to make your choice from a long line of beautiful women ready to satisfy you. Additionally, it is safer because the state of Nevada has a law that requires weekly medically test for STDs. Furthermore, there is also a law that requires the use of condoms for both oral play and intercourse.

I believe you have read this guide up to this point because you are eager to know how to get a girl in Las Vegas. Well, there you have it, getting a girl in Las Vegas is not rocket science, even if it is your first time. I hope the pointers I have provided above are helpful to you. Bear in mind that no two girls here are the same. Different entertainers have different amounts they charge for their services. Therefore, it’s up to you and the entertainer to work something out. Head over to the front page if you want to see a selection of escorts available to you now.