Escorts are people too

A lot of people glamour for escorts and yet many of them don’t know what and what not to do when they hire their escorts. So can you do with your escort anyway? Most of the people have this question in their minds when they are hiring an escort. Most of the time, the people who ask these questions are those who are looking forward to hiring an escort for the very first time. However, when people ask this question, they don’t get much of a reply. Which tends to make their time with their escort less enjoyable and also disappointing as they don’t know what to do and what not to do.

Composure is everything

Well, if you are one of the numerous people out there who these things; which you ought to do, and of course things you want to steer clear of during your time with your escorts then rest assured you will find out here. You have nothing to worry about. We are going shine a light on the subject by discussing a few things that will help you to get through your hesitation regarding hiring an escort. Not only will this article help you get through your hesitation, it will also make your time with your escort memorable to both you and the escort. Which will of course earn you a spot in her heart so that next time you may pick up where you left off.

What escorts value: Time is money

First things first. Before we get started, make sure to note down the most important and most crucial points upon which your time with your escort will be determined; punctuality. You should always arrive at your slated meeting spot at the right time or even ahead of time. Being late is one thing you want to steer clear off. Time is money at the end of the day right? Here’s the thing; escorts value their time probably more than anything else in this world.

So what did we learn about escorts?

Therefore, when you book an appointment with an escort always be on time. When an escort sees a client on time, she has a way of making him feel more special because she sees that values her time.  So in turn she will make sure that they enjoy every bit of their time together. However, if for any reason you are going to run late, do not forget to give the escort a call beforehand informing her that you will be a little bit late unless of course you have changed the earlier scheduled time with the escort to a later time.

Keep calm and call a Las Vegas Escort

 With the subject of time out of the way, let’s move on to other topics. One thing you should always keep in mind when you meet your escort is your composure. Always remember to comport yourself well, be gentle, polite, be kind and welcoming to her. Don’t be awkward or weird with your escort. It may have an effect on your time together. Start with a general discussion.

You don’t want to just see your escort and immediately jump into bed. Be classy my friend. Such attitudes taint your image as a client and gives your escort an impression of a bad client. Such an escort will be sure to avoid you throughout her time in the escort industry. Also, don’t get over-excited or nervous in front of her.

A lot of people make this mistake. Being with an escort for the first time, some people get over excited or nervous, some may even get over confident and at the end of the day end up fumbling and disappointing themselves, and the escort.

Be yourself throughout your time with the escort and you will be sure to have a memorable time together. Also keep in mind that you have a fixed time span so you have to act accordingly and don’t be too forward.

Give her what she wants 😉

You should proceed step by step. Patience they say is key to success. If you are meeting at a restaurant or coffee shop, your first move should be to get her what she wants to have. It may be either drinks or food or even both. Perhaps you are meeting at a motel or hotel as the case may be, don’t hesitate to call room service and ask her what she wants. This will comfort her and will allow you to get friendly with her. Ensure to take a shower before your meeting as well.

Escorts love their clients to maintain cleanliness. Remember what we talked about in the cost of an escort right, don’t hand your escort money in hand, because doing so will paint a picture of selling sex for money. Instead, drop it on the table or anywhere as discussed earlier during the booking. Lastly, don’t forget to tip your escort. This is very important as it will make her feel appreciated and she will look forward to meeting with you again.

If you follow the tips that I’ve listed above, you can be sure to have the time of your life with your escort.

We got your back when it comes to this escort thing

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