Adult entertainment has come a long way

Commercial sex activities, adult entertainment or private entertainment be it legal or illegal is one of the oldest forms of trade. Over the years they have evolved to different forms in the present day. With the growth in technology, it has become easier to create vast connections between the clients and service providers. The adult entertainers in these particular industry come in many forms and what they offer, however similar, can differ in various ways. The forms of adult entertainers can be divided mainly into three categories; escorts, brothel prostitutes and club strippers.

What we’ll learn in this article

Over time, there has been a lot of dispute as to whether or not these three services are the same thing which of course the answer is no. Our focus however for this article are escorts and strippers. By narrowing our focus to escorts vs. strippers, we will get to understand the similarities if any and also the differences between the two. We will also be exploring the pros and cons of both categories. While there is some truth to the issue of escorts vs. brothel prostitutes being similar, there is no truth whatsoever to the issue of escorts vs. strippers being the same except for the fact that they both belong to the private and adult entertainment industry.

Birds of a feather flock together

While I might describe strippers as commercial sex workers, escorts do not share that same description. Though confusing, you might be wondering why that is. How can we describe strippers as commercial sex workers but not escorts? Isn’t it true that birds of a feather flock together? Here’s the thing, you see strippers stripping in a club whereas you do not see escorts stripping in a club. In fact, you really don’t see escorts doing much of anything. More on that another time. But this distinction shows that there are obvious differences between the two forms of adult entertainment.

Here are the facts, my friend

The escorts in Las Vegas are professional girls who are not in any way commercial sex workers, because unlike strippers and prostitutes that are paid for sexual activities, Las Vegas escorts are not paid for sexual activities; instead what they are paid for is their time and company. When you require the services of an escort, you don’t just walk into night clubs and see an escorts and decide to take her do you? And you don’t drive by the road side and see an escort waiting to be picked in order to render her services either; instead, when you require the services of an escort, you go online of find an agency and proceed to book an appointment. Further more, they (escorts) are protected by the agency governing them.

Choice is everything

Another thing is the issue of liberty to choose what and what not to do. Las Vegas escorts on one hand though hired by an agency, do not in any way do the biddings of the agency, they have the liberty to choose whether or not they want to offer their services to a client. Most are represented by an agency as independent business owners. As in, they are the business. After choosing the client, they also have the liberty to choose what they want to do during their period with them. They are in no way whatsoever accountable to the agency in how they spent their time with a client.

More differences

Now strippers on the other hand, these are exotic dancers or put in other way, people who indulge in striptease performances as an occupation. These striptease performances include dancing semi nude or totally nude as the case may be, giving clients lap dances which they get paid for by the client etc. They perform in different venues such as clubs, parties or they can even be hired privately. When strippers accept the job offer to come and work in a club, they have no say whatsoever on the job required of them. Strippers simply do as they are told by their employers and they get paid at the end of the day. Be it required of them to dance semi nude or even completely nude; based on the choice of the club owner they are obliged to do it.       

In closing

Furthermore, looking at the nature of relationship with their clients, we also notice clear differences between these two. A stripper tends to have no personal relationship with their clients because most of the clients in question may not be regular, some use the club only once and that’s it. Also, a stripper does not provide sex to their clients. Escorts on the other hand always have a sort of personal relationship and connection with their clients as it is what the job requires. The benefits of an escort as opposed to a stripper are many, for example the flexibility of the occupation. As stated earlier, a stripper cannot choose what to do with their time and they also don’t mind what they do as long as they get paid by their employer but an escort can.